Yajna is a mother of two and a passionate and driven Swedish singer, songwriter, music producer, film producer and businesswoman and a lover of action sports. She is the CEO of Rising Phoenix Music Group and Rising Phoenix Entertainment. Yajna grew up in the most Northern part of Sweden, in Kiruna. She has always been into action sports, film and music. In her first English releases, called the trilogy of the Rising Phoenix, she tells her own story from her darkest moments in life into her brightest and most empowering moments, sharing it with people all over the world. The songs are called “You are beautiful”, “Femenomenal” and “Rising Phoenix”. She sees herself as a Rising Phoenix, and sings about how she rises from the ashes into fire bringing a message of love, hope and empowerment. Yajnas music is all about self love, empowerment and inspiration. She wants to inspire and encourage you to listen to your heart and live your best life. Yajna wants to give energy to others so they can follow their dreams and find a life of true happiness and joy. Yajna is a true visionary and entrepreneur, and she is dedicated to making a difference in the world. As a mother and female artist, Yajna takes women empowerment into her work. She started the non profit organisation Women World Wide, to help women into entrepreneurship and to live a healthy and independent lifestyle.

As an artist, through her music, Yajna wants to give her listeners a journey into other dimensions, and she calls her music atmospheric/cinematic soul/RnB. Yajna is also a film producer, and has made a documentary about her life, how she overcomes struggles and obstacles in her life, and how she with the love for her children and her love for music is reborn into the artist Yajna. It’s been sent to Film Festivals all over the world, and it can also be seen on Amazon Prime US and UK. The documentary is very emotional and goes along with Yajnas message of love and empowerment.

Yajna is also a Jewelry designer and together with Giantto in Los Angeles she has made a Jewelry collection called Yajna. She is a sharp and passionate businesswoman with a lot of things going on in the future such as a clothing line, writing a book, films and of course there is a lot more music and music videos to be released! Welcome to the movement of the Rising Phoenix. Much love to all of you.